1.- Allgemeine Informationen

This Website is the property of ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. C/EGUZKITZA, 1 48200 DURANGO (SPAIN) filed in the Companies Register of Bizkaia in volume 5456, folio 191, page BI-5693-A and with company tax code A-48114318

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1.2.- Language

In case we translate this Legal Notice, our Privacy Policy or any other rules of use, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on this website, the Spanish version will prevail in case of any discrepancy between the Spanish version and a translated version.

2.- Commercial communications and advertising content

ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. informs users that according to the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act 34/2002 of 11 July, it will send you information by email about the company’s services and activities. If you would rather not receive electronic communications about our products, services and activities please let us know by sending an email to ona@ona-electroerosion.com

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3.- Intellectual and/or industrial property rights

The owner of the content and elements that make up this Website is ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. Consequently, the intellectual and industrial property of the Website and particularly all source codes, texts, images, designs, logos, software, animations, databases, brands, trade names or distinctive signs, sounds and other graphic elements on the pages of the Website belong to ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. This list is not a closed list but rather an example, and those elements are appropriately protected in compliance with Spanish and International regulations on Intellectual and Industrial Property.

The User is obliged to use the contents in a diligent and correct way, according to the law, morals and public order. ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A.authorises the User to view the information on this Website and to make private copies (i.e. downloading and storing them on their computer systems), provided the elements are intended solely for personal use or for journalistic purposes, and in both cases its integrity is respected and the original source is identified as the Website belonging to ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A., expressly prohibiting any type of use that is biased and contrary to its nature.

It is prohibited to proceed with the use, distribution, modification, reproduction, transfer to third parties as well as reproduction, transformation or public communication, by any means or technology, of the content of the Website for purposes other than those expressly set out in the paragraph above, which require the prior express consent of ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A., with any type of action contrary to this text constituting an infringement of the regulations on industrial and intellectual property rights.

The use of this website is allowed, however, provided its integrity is respected and the original source is identified as this website belonging to ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A., expressly prohibiting any type of use that is biased and contrary to its nature.

ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A.reserves the right to take any legal actions necessary to defend its rights.

4.- Passwords and private area

In cases in which it is necessary to send him/her an identifier and/or access password to certain services, the user must keep them under his/her exclusive responsibility in the strictest and in absolute confidentiality and secrecy; he/she must safeguard, use and keep them diligently, with it being expressly prohibited to transfer them to third parties. Any harmful consequences arising for both the owner of the Website and other users are therefore the responsibility of the user and attributable to him/her. In the event of the theft, loss or unauthorised use or access of the identifier and/or password, the user must communicate this immediately to ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. to take the appropriate measures, with the user being responsible for any damage caused to ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. and other users, due to late communication.

ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. will not be responsible in any case for any incidents that arise around personal data, whether resulting from an attack or unauthorised access to the systems that is impossible to detect by the security measures implemented, or whether it is due to a lack of diligence by the registered user regarding the storage and safekeeping of his/her access passwords or his/her own personal data.

5.- Security

On this website we use the HTTPS (SSL) protocol to establish a secure communication channel between the server and the user for the sending of their personal data. Providing this service through a secure server means guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information exchanged between the user’s computer and said server, since an encrypted connection is established between them, using the SSL protocol, which makes third-party access to the information sent impossible.


a) General points

It is in the interest of ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. that this website works with maximum effectiveness and fulfils the purpose for which it has been created, but it is not responsible for any typographical, formal or numerical errors that the website may contain, or for the accuracy of the information contained on it, nor for possible dysfunctions or anomalies in its operation.

ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. does not guarantee that the website and the server are free of viruses and is not responsible for any damage caused by access to the website or the impossibility of accessing it.

The user agrees to use this website loyally and legitimately and in accordance with the laws and uses of traffic; he/she also undertakes not to act in such a way that may damage the image, interests or rights of ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. or third parties or that may damage, disable, overload or prevent any normal use of this website.

ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions that appear on this website, as well as to add content, information, etc., at any time and without prior notice, and therefore advises that this is consulted at reasonably frequent intervals in case of any changes to them. You must read any new legal notices and conditions of use of the website that are added. If not, you must refrain from using and accessing it, with ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. not accepting any responsibility and reserving the right to suspend and terminate access to the contents of the Website, as well as the services provided from it.

b) Links and hyperlinks

This website may facilitate the link or access to other resources or websites of third parties, which we consider of potential interest or necessary for the provision of some of the services of our websites, but in no case are these websites controlled by us.

The purpose of such links may be to facilitate the search for resources that may interest you over the Internet or the management of certain website services owned by ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A., such as the sending of CVs and/or registering for job offers, to carry out personnel selection processes managed by ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A.

However, those pages do not belong to ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A., nor does it review their contents, so it cannot take responsibility for them or for any services provided that appear and/or are available on those sites, for the operation of the linked page, its use and treatment of the data, any infractions committed or possible damages resulting from the use thereof, with the existence of the link not implying any relationship between ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. and the people or entities that own the content or the owners of the websites where they are published.

Therefore, ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. does not assume any type of responsibility related to the linked sites, nor is it responsible for their operation, the contents and services hosted on them or the possible links contained in said linked sites.

We strongly recommend that you read the relevant legal notices, and especially the privacy policies of those pages before entering your personal data on them; in case of any doubt, we recommend you contact those sites directly to obtain more information about their privacy policies.

If the user becomes aware of any illegality or unsuitability of the contents, services or any other activities provided through a linked site, he/she must immediately communicate this to ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. so that the latter, if necessary, can take the measures it considers appropriate.

It is expressly prohibited to present a page from the https://www.onaedm.de/ website on another that does not belong to ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A. (using the technique known as “framing” or any other for the same or similar effects), and to insert any type of content disseminated through https://www.onaedm.de/ on another website different to this one using the technique known as “in line linking”, or any other for the same or similar effects, without the express consent of ONA ELECTROEROSION, S.A.

By using this website, we consider that the user has carefully read this document and has understood and followed its advice. If the user does not agree with this data protection policy or the advice given in it, please do not use our website.

6.- Jurisdiction and competence

In the event of any conflict or dispute regarding the interpretation of these conditions, as well as on any matter related to the services of this Website, the applicable Jurisdiction and Regulations will be Spanish, while the competent Courts will be those of Vitoria.